Taryn & Sergio {Married}

November 10, 2013

The Parish of St. Ignatius – Chestnut Hill, MA
Zukas Hilltop Barn – Spencer, MA

Getting Ready
Simply Mella Photography-06936Simply Mella Photography-06947

Simply Mella Photography-07282dressSimply Mella Photography-07016Simply Mella Photography-07099Simply Mella Photography-07062Simply Mella Photography-07069Simply Mella Photography-07095

Simply Mella Photography-07168Simply Mella Photography-07175

Simply Mella Photography-07188Simply Mella Photography-07161Simply Mella Photography-07194Simply Mella Photography-07206Simply Mella Photography-07201

Simply Mella Photography-07320 Simply Mella Photography-07324

Simply Mella Photography-06627

Simply Mella Photography-2-4

Simply Mella Photography-2-5

Simply Mella Photography-2-3

Simply Mella Photography-2
Simply Mella Photography-07460Simply Mella Photography-07481Simply Mella Photography-07487Simply Mella Photography-07550Simply Mella Photography-07547Simply Mella Photography-07581Simply Mella Photography-07533receptionSimply Mella Photography-08021Simply Mella Photography-07798Simply Mella Photography-07740

Simply Mella Photography-2Simply Mella Photography-07966

Simply Mella Photography-07944
Simply Mella Photography-08062Simply Mella Photography-07778danceSimply Mella Photography-08127Simply Mella Photography-08083candy

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