Catching Up: 2014 Wedding Highlights (Thus Far)

Wedding season means an overflowing email inbox, sore shoulders, blistered heels, traffic jams, and many, many babysitter arrangements.  It means spending the nicest days of the summer apart from my family, and it means running, squatting, recharging and reloading batteries fast enough to be back to the dance floor in time to insert myself into a dance-circle and try to capture just the right angle of the kid doing a back flip. It means backing up a zillion files, editing until two in the morning and waking up the next morning to do it all over again.

But, it also means smiling until my cheeks hurt, laughing out loud (often), and wiping away tears during sentimental toasts or when a father takes his daughter to the dance floor for one last time. It means spending the nicest days of the summer in some of the nicest places in New England, and with the nicest people, and it means being excited like it’s Christmas Eve every ride home, just waiting to open up the files on my computer and begin polishing them into sneak peeks.

Wedding season reminds me, over and over again, that I am blessed beyond belief to be doing what I do, and to be working with the clients that I work with. And it goes by so fast that I have a hard time realizing where we are in the calendar, until a day like today, when September shows up in my periphery. It’s just a week away.

The school buses are lining up, the kids are all trying on jeans, the beach Saturdays are about to be replaced with apple picking, pumpkins will replace wild flowers on doorsteps and soon we’ll all be breathing the scent of cinnamon in the cool, crisp air.

This fall is shaping up to be my busiest yet, with weddings and portraits.

But before that all happens, I wanted to share a quick glimpse from a few of my season’s weddings thus far.

Because, every once in a while, it’s good to pause, right where you are, and to look back at the path that you’re on and acknowledge the beauty and the blessings that have marked your steps.

Here are just a handful of glimpses:

Portland Company, Portland Maine

Portland Company, Portland Maine

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The Rockport Art Association - Rockport, MA

The Rockport Art Association – Rockport, MA


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Elks at Bass Rocks - Gloucester, MA

Elks at Bass Rocks – Gloucester, MA


Private Residence - Cape Cod Wedding

Private Residence – Cape Cod Wedding

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Granite Links Country Club - Quincy, MA

Granite Links Country Club – Quincy, MA

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The Essex Room - Essex, MA

The Essex Room – Essex, MA

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Emerson By the Sea - Rockport, MA

Emerson By the Sea – Rockport, MA

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Private Residence - Raymond, NH

Private Residence – Raymond, NH

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Atkinson Resort & Country Club - Atkinson, NH

Atkinson Resort & Country Club – Atkinson, NH

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Hyatt Harborside - Boston, MA

Hyatt Harborside – Boston, MA

SMP-02235SMP-02266 SMP-02278 SMP-02292 waterfront SMP-02911 walk SMP-02309 SMP-02788 SMP-02693 SMP-03206
It has been an amazing season thus far, and I wish I could have highlighted each couple and every camp and resort and country club that I’ve had the true pleasure of working with.

Here’s to the next three months of wedding season busyness & bliss!

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